Welcome to Fersoft Inc.

Fersoft Inc. is a consulting and software development company with extensive experience in the analysis, development and implementation of computer systems. We provide programming and consulting services using a wide range of systems.

Our experience includes the following:

Microsoft® Windows Programming

We have experience in Windows Programming using . NET , Visual C++, COM, DCOM , ActiveX, Visual Basic, FoxPro. Depending on the task, we will determine the best implementation to merit the optimum solution.

Data Reporting

Custom reporting using Crystal Reports® in the Microsoft Windows® environment.

Java And JavaScript


We can provide database design and implementation. Our experience includes ODBC, ADO , DAO, Access, MySql, and SQL Server.


Our expertise in this area includes JavaScript, VBScript, Active Server Pages , Website creation and HTML programming.


Experience in multimedia includes graphic manipulation (JPG, TIFF).

Windows Networking

LAN design, configuration and maintenance.


Some of the industries and areas that we have developed projects for are:

- Financial

- Educational Institutions

- Shipping Services

- Direct Mail

- Health and Fitness

- Medical Billing (HIPAA Format)

- Multimedia

- Engineering

- Travel

- Tracking Systems

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